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Author:Mick 76
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Date of Visit:05/16/2016
Time of Visit:8:00 pm
Spent time:2 hours
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:Better than pictures Nelly's an angel! White lingerie was perfect! It was 7 pm when I got a call from my girlfriend saying that her mom was not feeling well and that we have to cancel our dinner reservation. She asked me to go to visit them but hell no I did not wanted to go there! Thursday is my free day and there I was standing alone in front of the mirror all dressed up nicely and with some money in the pocket. There was no way to spend my Thursday night at home! I called Baccarat London escort right away. I booked Nelly as I saw her sometime last month and I reckon it as one of my best f*** ever! The way she licked and sucked me made me feel like I am the most spoiled man in the world. I manage to cum 3 times (2 times in her mouth once on her lovely face) and still have time just before the end of the session for a delicious portion of cunilingus and analingus...I can still see her arse bouncing and my dumb smile is still on my face hehehe...I wanted to get her a picture with my phone but she did not allowed me.. She promised me tough that if I'll come again next time she'll give me a picture with her friends.. That would be awesome !!!!....At the end of the day I saved more money than if I'd take my girl out I f*** like a cowboy and I avoided my boring usual fights with my girlfriend.. what a Thursday night! Will return at the end of this month!